U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

County Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) Data

NEW August 2015: MARIS, in August 2015, downloaded the official September 2014 release data for all Mississippi counties from the USDA NRCS web site Web Soil Survey. The Import template for Access 2003 was loaded and the data table muaggatt was joined with the map unit shapefile soilmu_a_ms on the fields Symbol and MapSym. The shapefile was exported to form this shapefile to keep the joined attributes. All metadata from USDA was loaded (XML) and all files were zipped. This was done for each county.

NEW Sept 2015: Statewide Shapefile (This is about 1 GB) - Metadata

NEW June 2017: Updated files for Chickasaw, Coahoma, and Pontotoc.

Projection: Data is in Latitude/Longitude NAD 83 Decimal Degrees

Sample Metadata: Adams County metadata
Sample Map: Adams County soils

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