GIS Governance Considerations

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GIS Governance Considerations

Post by Geo_Jim » Mon Oct 28, 2019 3:48 pm

Governance of GIS coordination bodies can take many forms. Formal By-laws, SOP, Mission, or Guiding Principles are commonly used to help resolve potential structural conflicts. The chosen methodologies of order often set the tone for how a group operates in the future.

• By-laws are potentially the most complicated and restrictive of the choices.
• SOP or Standard Operating Procedures are considered a powerful yet flexible way to meet changing conditions.
• Guiding principles can be an excellent way to capture what is important and make certain activities support stated goals, but do not answer internal governance questions.
• A mission can be a powerful tool and an endless source of wordsmithing.

My recommendation for MCCRSGIS would be to have some basic SOP to define roles, responsibilities, terms, etc. of Council members and some guiding principles that will capture our efforts and benefit the state.
What are the thoughts of others?

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