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Post by Geo_Jim » Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:08 am

Welcome to the MS Geoforum.

Purpose: Enable the free exchange of ideas to advance the use of geospatial technologies in Mississippi.

How to participate: Sign-up for all categories of interest and comment. Boards are moderated to avoid spamming and misuse, but trying to poke holes in ideas or approaches is encouraged. We need to break ideas here before time is spent on implementation, so politely be critical of ideas with NO personal attacks.

NOTE: You are NOT officially representing your organization here. Definitely keep your personal and professional interests in mind, but please participate in a more open manner than if you were solely representing your employer.

Please approach the MS-Geoforum as a social gathering after a long professional meeting where we try to hash out understanding from all the new facts we learn every day.


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