Mapping at the MARIS Technical Center

Interactive Map Server - The Interactive Map Server is a collection of themes (layers) of the State of Mississippi, where you can interactively select themes for viewing. You can also pan, zoom in, and zoom out of the displayed map. You can also find the name of individual features (examples: county, highway, park) and query for information about them. MARIS has contracted with Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. located in Victoria, BC, Canada to produce a high quality and easy to use online Internet Mapping service. This service can be accessed by navigating to the Internet Mapping webpage.

Downloadable Maps - MARIS is one of Mississippi's mapping agencies and provides a variety of Online Maps. The Technical Center has the ability to produce maps of varying sizes and datasets, many of which can be saved or printed from your computer.

Mississippi House and Senate Districts - County and city PDF's of the House and Senate Districts as passed on 3-21-2002.