MS GIS Council

2007 – Coastal One Foot and Six Inch Imagery

The MS Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (MCCRSGIS) has developed one foot and six inch natural color digital ortho-imagery for the six Coastal counties. This ortho-imagery is composed of 24 bit natural color digital orthos at 6’ GSD and 1’ GSD for the project area. Urban areas and the coastline were typically 6 inch resolution with the remaining areas at 1 foot. See Reference Map

This data was Mosaiced into multi-resolution images using MrSid. The data is in State Plane NAD 83 HARN Feet (MS East 2301) projection. The SID images were created using a 20:1 compression ratio. Please see the detailed metadata for process description.

The acquisition and production of natural color digital orthoimagery is delivered by sections of counties See Index Map.

For further information concerning the two foot data and other MCCRSGIS projects visit or you can reference other data at


Filenames:  (Files average 2 GB - entire data set is 68 GB)
<countyname>#.sid   –   County mosaic image
<countyname>#.sdw –   Mosaic world reference file
<countyname>#.xml –   ESRI Metadata file and projection information
<countyname>#.aux –   Mosaic auxiliary file.

Delivery Options:

  1. If you have a high speed internet connection, you may download the county files <countyname> from the link:

  2. Due to file sizes, MARIS recommends delivery on external hard drive provided by the user: Send your USB 2.0 or firewire (IEEE 1394 interface) drive to   
    Steve Walker Suite 717
    3825 Ridgewood Rd
    Jackson, MS 39211

We will not process the order until the hard drive is received.