MS GIS Council

MDEM 2007 Coastal Region Vector Data

The MS Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (MCCRSGIS) has developed high resolution vector data for five Coastal Area counties – Pearl River, Stone, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson. This data is part of the Gulf Region Base Mapping Ownership Data Development Project funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The MDEM Spring 2007 natural color digital orthos at 6’ GSD and 1’ GSD were used in creation of the data for the project area. Urban areas and the coastline were typically 6 inch resolution with the remaining areas at 1 foot. See Reference Map

This data is stored in the geodatabase MS_MDEM_GulfRegion.gbd – assembled by MARIS staff by merging the 100 and 200 scale regional features to create this geodatabase.  County-level geodatabases will be available soon. The data is in State Plane NAD 83 HARN Feet (MS East 2301) projection.

The following is the data structure of the geodatabase: (Click on layer for detailed metadata)




  • Contours – 2 foot and 5 foot contours (Contour type and elevation designated)

If you have a high speed internet connection, you may download the zipped files from the link: Mississippi (Approximately 600 MB)

For further information concerning the vector data and other MCCRSGIS projects visit or you can reference other data at