ADS40 Hurricane Response Imagery
7.5’ Quadrangle Mosaics
United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service

This aerial dataset is a collection of GeoTIFF format natural color images that cover regions of Mississippi that were affected by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.
The raw imagery used to generate the final image tiles was collected simultaneously with airborne GPS and IMU data, which was used to georeference the raw imagery. The raw imagery was rectified to a plane of constant elevation and mosaiced to generate the final image tiles. Each image tile provides data for a nominal 1.875 minute (in latitude and longitude) cell area. The source imagery was obtained in September 2005 and used to produce georeferenced, planar rectified imagery with a one foot ground resolution.
Imagery was acquired at one foot ground sample distance (GSD) resolution. Flight height maintained during mission was 10,000 feet AGL. The imagery was captured at 12-bit radiometric resolution and converted to 8-bit radiometric resolution during post processing. The imagery was obtained and processed by all digital means beginning with data acquisition using an ADS40 digital airborne sensor. The orthophotos are available in Geographic Coordinates (decimal degrees), NAD83.

Note: MrSID compression of the GeoTiffs of the September 2005 Hurricane Katrina natural color images tiles covering impacted areas of Mississippi were batch processed. For the sake of expedience, no spectral enhancements or tonal adjustments were made in the processing of the data. LizardTech GeoExpress 5.6.0 software was processed on a Sun Solaris system. The compression ratio was 8:1. There is some vertical shift between images within quads and between quads. There is also some horizontal overlap and/or gaps in some of the images. Remember, this was a product created in an emergency situation and is not intended for use as a final ortho product.

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None. Acknowledgment of the United States Army Corps of Engineers would be appreciated for products derived from these data.

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The data represents the results of data collection/processing for a specific U.S. Army Corps of Engineers activity and indicates the general existing conditions. As such, it is only valid for its intended use, content, time, and accuracy specifications. The user is responsible for the results of any application of the data for other than its intended purpose.

Sample metadata for a quad Biloxi.sid.html

The Data is organized into County directories of quads. For Mississippi, the six (6) coastal counties are complete and a band of 8 counties above the coast is available.

(warning, most .sid files are over 600MB)