2010 Census Summary File 1

Block Level Housing and Population Data

Data will also be available at block group, tract, and county levels

Coming soon at place, zip-code, and school district levels


The US Census Bureau released the SF1 block level data for Mississippi data  Thursday August 25, 2011. It consists of 48 text files with a wide variety of data. Processing the data requires going through over 38 pages of detailed instructions.

We are currently working with Cliff Holley at the University of Mississippi’s Center for Population Studies to process this data. All 40+ Block-level dBase files are ready for distribution. These can be parsed and linked to the geometry using the GEOID10 attribute. Contact Steve at swalker@mississippi.edu to get files (entire block-level dBase files are over 15 GB). We will be creating a block-level geodatabase soon with all available attributes (if possible).

Please view the 400 page documentation for detailed description of all available attributes. As we ready files for distribution, we will add links below. The zip files will include a _meta file that includes the data tables’ portion of the data dictionary.

All data are in MSTM projection

DATA Download Data Description
Block Level Selected population and housing data with MARIS calculated attributes Blocks10PopnHou.zip download
Block Level Sex by Race by Age data (Tables P12 and P12A-I) Blocks10_SexRaceAge.zip download
Block Group Level Population and Housing bg10PopnHou.zip download
Block Group Level Educational Attainment by Sex (From ACS 2006-2010) bg10_EdAttainbySex.zip download
Block Group Level Per Capita Income By Race (From ACS 2006-2010) PCIbyRace.zip download
Block Group Level Household Income (From ACS 2006-2010) bg10_HHIncome.zip download
Tract Level population and housing Tracts10PopnHou.zip download
Tract Level Poverty Status By Race By Sex (From ACS 2006-2010) tract10_PovStatbyRace.zip download
County Level population and housing County10PopnHou.zip download
Place Level population and housing place10PopnHou.zip download
Public School District Level population and housing psd10PopnHou.zip download
2010 Census Redistricting Data Summary Files click for webpage...

MAPS Download
Population Density - Persons per Square Mile PopDensityMap.pdf
Percent Female Householders - Female Householder, no husband present Female_HHdrsMAP.pdf
Percentage with Associates Degree or Higher AssociatesorMore.pdf
Percentage Below Poverty Level PerBelowPoverty.pdf

Please contact Steve Walker at 601-432-6149 for any comments/ questions.