2010 Census Redistricting Data [P.L. 94-171] Summary Files

With much help from Paul Barnes - South MS PDD pbarnes@smpdd.com , we now have statewide US Census 2010 shapefiles. The statewide 2010 redistricting data can be downloaded at:


U.S. Census Bureau Manual for 2010 Census Redistricting data (pl94-171.pdf)

Blocks_2010_all.zip - Census Blocks with P1, P2, P3, P4 and H1 attributes.
Blocks_2010_redis.zip - Census Blocks with limited attributes+
Bg_2010_redis.zip - Census Block groups with limited attributes+
Tract_2010_redis.zip - Census Tracts with limited attributes+
Precinct_2010_redis.zip - Voting Precincts with limited attributes+
Place_2010_redis.zip - Census places with limited attributes+
County_2010_redis.zip - Counties with limited attributes+
GQ_2010.zip - Group Quarter data
supdists_2010_redis.zip - County Supervisor Districts with limited attributes

+ The limited attributes are:
P0010001 – Total Pop
P0010003 – Total White Pop   
P0010004 – Total Black Pop
P0010005 – Total American Indian Pop
P0010006 – Total Asian Pop
P0010007 – Total Hawaiian Pop
P0010008 – Total Other Race Pop
P0010009 – Total Multi-Race Pop

P0030001 – 18+ Pop
P0030003 – White 18+ Pop
P0030004 – Black 18+ Pop
P0030005 – American Indian 18+ Pop
P0030006 – Asian 18+ Pop
P0030007 – Hawaiian 18+ Pop
P0030008 – Other Race 18+ Pop
P0030009 – Multi-Race 18+ Pop

H0010001 – Total Housing Units
H0010002 – Occupied
H0010003 – Vacant

^ The limited Group Quarter attributes are:
P0420001 – Total Pop in Group Quarters

P0420002 – Total Institutionalized Pop
P0420003 – Pop: Correctional facilities for adults
P0420004 – Pop: Juvenile facilities
P0420005 – Pop: Nursing facilities
P0420006 – Pop: Other Institutional facilities

P0420007 – Total Non-Institutionalized Pop
P0420008 – Pop: College/university student housing
P0420009 – Pop: Military Quarters
P0420010 – Pop: Other non-institutional facilities

Note: The shapefile is in Lat/Long NAD 83 projection.

Please contact Steve Walker at 601-432-6149 for any comments/ questions.