Mississippi River Delta 2009-2010 Project


LIDAR was collected at 1.0 points per square meter (1.0m GSD) for the entire portion of the Mississippi River Delta in the Vicksburg District. This area was flown during snow free and leaf-off conditions. Lifts were planned to meet project specifications and were flown under cloud-free conditions in order to collect LiDAR points at an average of 1.0 meter point spacing. This allows the user to create Intensity Images, Break Lines, and fully Classified LiDAR LAS files. See coverage area here: delta-lidar_areas.pdf

Project Level Metadata: USCOE_MSDelta_project.html

Two Foot County Mosaiced Imagery

Projection: NAD 1983 State Plane Mississippi West FIPS 2302 Feet

Format: Imagery was generated by MARIS by compressing USCOE tiles that cover a county. MrSID compression, with the mosaic option, was used with a target value for compression ratio of 15:1. Files are in JPEG2000 format.

Filenames: County files average 1.75 GB) Total Delta Size ~ 30 GB

  • <countyname>_2ft_10.jp2 – County mosaic image
  • <countyname>_2ft_10.j2w – Mosaic world reference file
  • <countyname>_2ft_10.aux – Mosaic auxiliary file.

Official imagery metadata forthcoming from USCOE:

Delivery Options:

  • Download county files <countyname> in the chart below, or
  • Send DVD(s) to MARIS c/o Steve Walker