Post-Katrina (Dec. 2005) Coastal Data

In response to Hurricane Katrina, MARIS has compiled a set of data layers crucial to the response and recovery if another hurricane approaches. The data is separated by county for Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson. The data consists of I- Contours and II - Other Coastal Shapefiles: 20 vector layers and 2 image files. The file names all contain a FIPS code to allow displaying of the entire coast in one map.

  1. EarthData 2005 Post-Katrina 2 foot Contours:

    Download Contours -->Hancock, Harrison, Jackson (Readme )
    The data is 2005 2ft contours for southern part of each of the 3 coastal counties generated from LIDAR.

  2. Other Coastal Shapefiles:

    Download Other Coastal Shapefiles -->Hancock <45>, Harrison <47>, and Jackson
    ArcReader Files: (Download ArcReader)
    Hancock, Harrison, Jackson

  1. Download ArcReader 9.1 and install.
  2. Download the three counties.
  3. Unzip each county. Each county should have a Data directory and PMF directory.
  4. Start ArcReader and open the .pmf files under the PMF directory.
The following is a list of layers and brief description. For more detailed information, contact Steve Walker at or 601-432-6149.

Warning: Each file is approximately 250MB in size
Layer Description
cem<fips> Cemetery locations from GNIS
chc<fips> Community Health Centers
church<fips> Church locations from GNIS
city<fips> Incorporated Cities
co<fips> County Border
dams<fips> High Hazard Dams
gasp<fips> Natural Gas Pipelines
<countyname>05 2005 2 m True Color NAIP Imagery
hosp<fips> Acute Care Hospitals
inter<fips> Intermittent Streams
landf<fips> Municipal Landfills
mri<fips> Recreational Facilities
natreg<fips> National Historic Registry Sites
oilngas<fips> Oil and Gas Wells
parcel<fips> Land Parcels
peren<fips> Perennial Streams (with names)
pls<fips> Public Land Survey System
rds<fips> 2005 TIGER Roads with addresses
rrds<fips> Railroads
trans<fips> Transmission Lines
topo<fips> County Mosaic 1:24,000 topographic map
wat<fips> Lakes, Ponds, Gulf, Islands (with names)
This data is currently in shapefile format. We will be creating Geodatabases and Arc Publisher .pmf files to be distributed with Arc Reader.