Reprocessed Contour Data

Mississippi 1:24,000 USGS topographic hypsography reprocessed contours. Contour intervals are 5, 10 or 20 feet depending on the area of the state. Supplemental contours (where applicable) are 5 or 10 feet.

The MARIS Technical Center, under contract with USGS, reprocessed the contour data.

NOTE: During September 2014, MARIS staff reevaluated all county contour files. The TYPE attribute was checked to make sure coding was correct for 1 – Index, 2 – Intermediate, and 3 – Supplemental contours. During this process, edits were also made for any errors in elevation that were easily recognized. A statewide file is now available along with a Map Service.

Please contact Steve Walker at 601-432-6149 if more information is needed.


File sizes range from 5.47mb to 51.8mb.