Space Imaging LLC
Clearview License Agreement

CLEARVIEW IMAGERY END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (not applicable to CLIN 0005 unless specifically referenced in the order)a. General Terms1. This clause applies to all imagery and products licensed under this NIMA contract, including data downlinked to domestic and foreign ground stations.2. All license rights purchased under this NIMA contract are in perpetuity. This is a non-exclusive license for use of the imagery provided to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.3. Licensed users may generate an unlimited number of hardcopies and softcopies of the data for their internal use.4. Licensed users may generate any derived product from the licensed data.i. Only derived products that contain the imagery data from any licensed data inherit the copyright and license of the source data. Other derived products have no restrictions on use and distribution.ii. Reduced resolution data sets (RRDS) with 16-meter ground resolution or coarser shall have no restrictions on use and distribution, but shall contain the copyright markings.5. A limited number of hardcopy imagery scenes and/or softcopy chips may be released (with copyright markings) outside the authorized user group by a licensed user for important user purposes such as public information, diplomacy, emergencies, and disasters. This provision does not permit commercial uses, resale or mass public distribution.6. Licensed users may permit those outside the licensed user group to see hardcopies or softcopies of the imagery, with appropriate copyright marks. However, copies of the imagery shall not be given to those outside the licensed user group.7. The licensed user will not place the imagery on an electronic distribution system that permits access to the imagery by unlicensed users.8. This license must accompany any transfers of licensed imagery or products between licensed users and all licensed users will be bound by its terms.9. All rights not expressly granted by this license are reserved by the imagery provider. b. Licensed Users1. The imagery may be used by the U.S. Government (including, all branches, departments, agencies, and offices). 2. (i). The U.S. Government may provide the imagery to the following organizations when the organization is working with the U.S. Government on a joint project:
State Governments
Local Governments
Foreign Governments and inter-governmental organizations
NGO's and other non-profit organizations

(ii) The imagery provided for a joint project may only be used for purposes of the joint project, and may not be retained by the entities listed in b.2.(i.) after completion of the joint project. For the purposes of this paragraph, the rights provided in paragraph a. are restricted to the purposes of the joint projects. (iii) "Joint project" means cooperation between UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and the entities listed in b.2.(i). "Joint project" is intended to encompass such activities as coalition force operations, exercises, co-production, relief efforts, and US homeland security. "Joint project" excludes activities that serve a non-federal Government purpose, such as city, county or state planning, property tax assessment, transportation infrastructure management, general purpose mapping, etc. In consideration for the flexibility afforded to UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT by allowing imagery to be shared for joint projects, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT shall use its reasonable best efforts to define joint projects as narrowly as possible consistent with the goal of minimizing the sharing of imagery with entities who would otherwise purchase the imagery. (iv) Co-production activities are exempted from the restrictions imposed in paragraph (ii), above. Co-production activities may allow for the permanent retention of any imagery received or derived product created pursuant to the agreement. The co-producer’s use of imagery acquired for co-production activities shall be limited to co-producer’s intelligence, military and humanitarian activities. This specifically prohibits commercial uses, resale or mass public distribution. Co-production activities shall not permit the subsequent use of imagery of territory within the borders of the territories, protectorates or home country of the co-producer.

3. Imagery may be provided to contractors of the U.S. Government, or contractors of any other licensed user, for purposes of the licensed user only. A contractor may not use the imagery for its own purposes, share it with others, or retain it after completion of the intended use.