MS Gulf Coast 1 foot Aerial Photography
August 30, 2005

This photography was taken by Gulf Coast Area Mapping Company, Inc. for the MS Department of Transportation on August 30, 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina.

The aerial photography was done from an altitude of 12,000 feet using a Leicha RC-30 aerial mapping camera. This camera is equipped with image motion compensation, gyro stabilized mount, and GPS control. The AWAR of the lense is 112 and the camera was last calibrated in September, 2004.

The film was Agfa Pan-80 high resolution black &
white film. The images were scanned at 2000 dpi for 1’ pixel resolution using a Vexel Ultra Scan 5000 photogrammetric accuracy scanner.

Control for the images came a combination of points from the latest digital quarter quads and an analytical triangulation solution. The final images have been ortho corrected and are within about 5’ to 9’ of the actual geographic coordinates.

The data is stored in NAD83 State Plane MS East feet (2301) in MrSID format (30:1 compression). Average size per image – 6MB.

Filename Description
MGC_xx_yy.sid MrSid Image file
MGC_xx_yy.aux MrSid world file
MGC_xx_yy.sid.xml ESRI xml reference file

Naming Scheme
xx_yy - A numbering scheme for the images from LL - 01_01 in Hancock County to UR – 40_10 in Jackson

Index of Coastal Area

09_yy to 12_yy St Louis Bay
18_07 Port of Gulfport
22_09 Coast Coliseum
23_08 Keesler AFB
24_08 Beau Rivage Casino
25_08 Point Cadet
26_09 Ocean Springs
33_07 Gautier
35_06&07 Pascagoula

If you need any further info please contact:

Ed Foster
Gulf Coast Aerial Mapping Co., Inc
225 355-9722.
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