U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

County Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) Data

NEW October 2018: MARIS, in October 2018, using the official county releases as of June 2017 from the USDA NRCS, created a new statewide file. The Import template for Access 2003 was loaded and the data table muaggatt was joined with the map unit shapefile soilmu_a_ms on the fields Symbol and MapSym. The shapefile was exported to form this shapefile to keep the joined attributes. All metadata from USDA was loaded (XML).

NEW Oct 2018: Statewide Shapefile (This is about 1 GB) - Metadata

NEW June 2017: Updated files for Chickasaw, Coahoma, and Pontotoc.

Projection: Data is in Latitude/Longitude NAD 83 Decimal Degrees

Sample Metadata: Adams County metadata
Sample Map: Adams County soils

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