Topographic Data

Current Data Release Description Current Metadata Release
1964-1996 USGS 1:24,000 Topographic Maps in Mississippi Sep 2003
1964-1996 COUNTY - Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) N/A
FTP Download USGS 1:100,000 Topographic Maps in Mississippi N/A
FTP Download USGS 1:250,000 Topographic Maps in Mississippi N/A
FTP Download Updated DRG's N/A

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The information contained on this website and data distributed by the Board of Trustees / Institutions of Higher Learning's MARIS Technical Center (MTC) is derived from a variety of public and private sector sources considered to be dependable, but the accuracy, completeness, and currency thereof are not guaranteed. The IHL/MTC makes no warranties, expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of information or data contained in or generated from the state geographic database. Additionally, the State of Mississippi, the Board of Trustees for IHL or any employee thereof assume no liability associated with the use of these data, and assume no responsibility to maintain them in any manner or form.