Utility Service Areas – Data Download

The MS Public Service Commission has created a web portal allowing the user to download and view up-to-date Utility Service Areas for the following data:

Electric, Gas, Sewer, Telecommunication, Water

Download Instructions

  1. To start the process Click here...

    The PSC webpage like below will open in a new browser window

  2. Choose your desired service area type by clicking the blue link on PSC's website (i.e. Sewer Service Areas)

    The PSC website will navigate to the following webpage - Click on the Download Data menu link


    A menu like below should appear - Click on the Shapefile link

  3. Depending on your browser, a Save/Open screen like below (Internet Explorer) should appear to save a zip file of latest data

  4. Or if using Google Chrome below


For more information:

Contact Michael Pantin at MS Public Service Commission