Local High-Resolution Imagery

(3 inch to 1 foot, Ortho-Rectified 3-Band Compressed County Mosaics)

This data represents the best-available data

Beginning in 2012, local county governments working with MCCRSGIS members and partially funded by MDOT and USGS produced local, high-resolution leaf off (January – March) imagery in a consistent format for their local needs. Dependent on the county, resolution of the imagery was higher in the metro areas than in the rural areas.

For example, Hinds County had the City of Jackson flown for resolution of 3 inches while the whole county was processed for a resolution of 6 inches. Some counties chose to process the entire county at 6 inch or 12 inch resolution.

Color orthoimagery were produced 8-bit per channel, resulting in 32-bit RGB, .tif/.tfw format with a pixel size of 6in (3 inch, 6 inch or 12 inch - dependent on county). Ortho tiles were generated according to the pre-approved County orthoimagery tile layout, with tiles 5,000' X 5,000'. Orthoimages were compressed on a County basis to .sid/.sdw format at a 20:1 compression ratio to develop an MrSID format mosaic.

These datasets are published in:
NAD 1983 NSRS2007 StatePlane Mississippi West FIPS 2302 or East FIPS 2301 Ft US (dependent on county) with units in feet.

See individual county metadata for details. Sample metadata


2018 Coordinated Project: NOW Available: Adams (6), Coahoma (6 & 12), Lamar (6), Lincoln (6 & 12), Pike (6 & 12), Quitman (12 , 6- In ->Spring)

Coming Soon: Copiah (6 & 12), Lawrence (6 & 12), Madison (6), and Prentiss (6 & 12)

Update - October 1, 2018: Available Counties by Resolutions Map

Update - March 6, 2018: Available Counties by Projects Map

You can download the county packets at:

Directories are now named with year of photography. Some counties have multiple years of imagery.

The uncompressed .tiffs are only available via special request by tiles. View the tile layout subdirectory under each county packet above. Send list of requested tiles via email to Steve Walker at swalker@ihl.state.ms.us. NOTE: These files are very large. Each 6 inch tile ~ 500MB and each 12 inch tile ~ 140 MB.

For complete sets of counties, projects, or those with slower internet speeds, (counties range from 7 – 50 GB), send your USB 2.0/3.0 or fire wire external hard drive to:

  • Steve Walker Suite 717
  • 3825 Ridgewood Rd
  • Jackson, MS 39211

For more information email Steve Walker at swalker@ihl.state.ms.us or (601)432-6149

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