MARIS Interactive Mapping

MARIS has moved to a new web server (hardware and software) and we had Geocortex configure our ArcIMS on the old server. Unfortunately, ESRI is no longer supporting ArcIMS.

We are in the process of creating a new interactive mapping server using new technology and new software from Geocortex. So instead of setting up the old service on the new web server we went ahead and are using the new technology called Geocortex Essentials. Hopefully we will have everything up and running in the near future as it will take time to learn and configure the new software and the web services.

MARIS appreciates any suggestions you might have or any feedback you can share with the new version.

Mississippi Map
ESRI Street Map
The Mississippi map contains:
  • Highways (labeled with highway shields)
  • County Roads (labeled)
  • Streets (labeled)
  • Trails (labeled)
  • Railroads (labeled)
  • USGS Quad Grid
  • Sections
  • County Borders
  • NAIP 2010
  • (Data layers are at different scale ranges, for example, NAIP 2010 will not display until 1:100000.)