Historic Maps of Mississippi

A free, historic maps of Mississippi web site is now available to researchers. Developed by Paul Davis in concert with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, the site references over 1,000 maps, 75% of which contain a high resolution image. Each map reference contains up to fourteen categories of information:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Scale
  • Situation date
  • Publication date
  • Type of map
  • Features
  • Comments
  • Geographic coverage
  • Repository
  • Language
  • Publisher
  • Size
  • Links to scanned images
  • Color status
The data set is unique in that all natural and cultural features on a map are listed, along with the geographic area covered by the map. These and other data categories can be searched in combination with each other. For instance, maps that contain the names of local land owners or residents can be search by a given county or city/town. Translations for foreign titles and other information are provided. It is highly suggested that the "Search Hints" be read before using the site. Comments can be sent to polywog1@comcast.net using “Map Site” as the subject.