Mississippi Parcels


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This is a non-cached service that shows parcels for Mississippi.
I - For MDOT Historic counties, user can zoom to view 2009/2010 parcels and identify parcel ID. County Contact info is displayed.
II - For shaded counties, links are made to use the county's online parcel viewer hosted by various companies usiing the following guide: ARCMAP - Activate Hyperlink Tool then Select County to load Parcel Viewer ArcGIS.com - Activate Show Table for MSParcels layer. Click on Web_Page Hyperlink to load Parcel Viewer. ArcScript - Link to Parcel Viewer NOT active.
III - Issaquena and Sunflower do not have digital parcel data publicly available at this time.
*** Updates to this service will be made when appropriate. There is NO guarantee historic data can be updated by the County Tax Assessor/Collector for any given county.