Additional Data sets

Coverages included: Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Forest Industries, Health Department Wells, Permitted Wells, U.S.G.S. Public and Private Wells.

Coverage Creation: The coordinates and attributes of the above themes were provided by the contributing agencies to the MTC on diskettes (see summary descriptions of each theme listed above). All USGS coordinates were provided in Albers projection while the remaining data was provided in Latitude /Longitude coordinates.The data were separated into two files: 1) A unique ID and x,y coordinates , and 2) the same unique ID with associated attributes. These files were then transferred from the PC to the MARIS Technical Center workstation via Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol software. Once on the workstation, the first file was edited to place the data into Arc/Info generate format. The coverage was then created using the Arc/Info GENERATE command. The second file was loaded into an empty template INFO data file. Using the Arc/Info JOINITEM command, the attributes were attached to the coverage on the .PAT file. The coverage was then projected into the Mississippi Transverse Mercator projection using the PROJECT command. It should be noted that the Health Department and Permitted well data is now being provided using GPS derived locations.

Coverage Editing: Once projected, the data was displayed using state boundaries as background. Points that fell outside the state were separated into another coverage. This coverage and a printout of IDs and coordinates were provided to the source agency for correction.