Data sets created from the 1:100,000 Counties coverage

Coverages included: Community College Districts, Dept. of Transportation Districts, Multi-county Industrial Districts, Planning and Development Districts, Public Service Commission Districts.

Positional Accuracy: Horizontal accuracy is no worse than + or - 170 ft.

Coverage Creation: These coverages were created by using the Arc COPY command to create a copy of the county polygon coverage for editing purposes. Using the description and/or map of the new coverage to be created, arcs of the counties not included in the new coverage were deleted in Arcedit. All labels were also deleted. Once the borders of the new coverage were isolated, the coverage was checked for line dangles. Labels were added to the new polygons and attributes such as district #, name, etc. were added and coded. The edits were saved and the coverages were rebuilt using the BUILD command.

Coverage editing: Once created, the data were displayed using state boundaries as background. Visual checks were made for boundary definitions and attributes were displayed for checking coding consistencies.