Data sets derived from the 1:24,000 USGS Quadrangle

Coverages included: Sections, Townships, Survey Districts, Index Contours and Contours

Positional Accuracy: Horizontal accuracy is no worse than + or - 40 ft.

Coverage creation: Public Land Survey lines were digitized from paper maps and coded by a private consultant. Annotation for the survey districts, meridians, baselines, townships, ranges, and sections were also created. The files were delivered to the MTC in Arc/Info format for each 7 1/2 minute quad. These coverages were appended one county at a time to form each county's PLS data. The county bordercoverage created from the Pre-Census TIGER files were used to clip the appended quad coverages on the county border.

Coverage editing: Using the 1:24000 USGS quad maps, the polygons, arcs, and annotation were checked for validity and consistency. The coverages created included polygon attributes, line attributes , and annotation on a county basis.

Enhancements: Once checked and verified, statewide township and survey district coverages were extracted using the Arc/Info DISSOLVE command. These coverages were checked using the 1:24000 quad maps and several statewide maps.

Annotation: Annotation was created by a private consultant for the categories mentioned above. This annotation was then edited for placement for mapping with the other base data. This annotation was developed to be used for 1 inch = 1 mile (1:63360) mapping.