MS IHL Site License Program

Since 2004, MARIS has administered the IHL Software Licensing Program. It has been instituted and maintained to economically provide Geographic Information System (GIS) / Remote Sensing (RS) software resources that are critical to the research, development, and training mission of higher education in Mississippi.

The IHL site license agreement is with three (3) software vendors which are the leading companies in the GIS/remote sensing field:

The site license allows for full use of the three companies’ software at all 8 universities and all 15 community and junior colleges.  Use of the software is limited to purely educational and research purposes.


IHL Geospatial Council

The Remote Sensing Council was established in the late 1990’s by IHL as an effort to ensure communication among all Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning that participate in remote sensing or GIS research and/or training. The Council meets on a regular basis to discuss technical issues along with and policies that apply applying to all entities.

Current Membership
  • Dr. George Raber – University of Southern Mississippi – Council Chairman
  • Mr. Jim Steil – MARIS – Council Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. Greg Easson – University of Mississippi
  • Dr. Bill Cooke and Mr. Louis Wasson – Mississippi State University
  • Mr. John Young – Jackson State University
  • Mr. Talbot Brooks – Delta State University
  • Dr. Fazlay Faruque – University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Dr. Raymond Williams – Mississippi Valley State University
  • Dr. Lixin Yu – Alcorn State University
  • Mr. Chad Garick – Jones Jr. College – CC/JC Representative
  • Mr. Steve Walker - MARIS – Site License Administrator

As part of the administration, MARIS, in coordination of the IHL Geospatial Council, generates an annual Site License Report describing activities and uses of the software along with cost-benefit analysis.