This category addresses the various boundaries used or defined by federal, state, and local units of government in Mississippi. The administrative data layers contains themes that define the jurisdictional areas of local governments, selected public land boundaries, and other special purpose administrative districts.

This data is included in the standard county data release; however, data in that section may be legacy and may not necessarily be updated with the latest version.
This data is included in the MS 811 county packets; however, the data in those packets represents their version of that information.
1990 Census Designated Places
2000 Incorporated Cities
2003 Census Places
2010 Census Designated Places
2020 Census Places Population and Housing
2010 Incorporated Cities
2020 Incorporated Cities Population and Housing
Area Code Boundaries
Communities (Populated Places)
Updated 2019
Easement Areas
Highway Patrol Districts
Historical Counties
Indian Lands 2020
Mississippi Department of Corrections Sites
Mississippi State Outline
Multi-County Industrial Districts
National Forest Proclamation Boundaries
National Forest Ownership Boundaries
National Wildlife Refuge Areas
Planning and Development Districts
Prisons Boundaries
PSAP 911 Service Areas
Public Service Commission Districts
Public School Districts
Supervisor Districts 2020
Supervisor Districts
US Army Corps of Engineers Districts
Wildlife Management Areas
ZIP Code Boundaries