This category represents the locational information required to define the geographic position of a place or feature. The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data layer provides the basis for defining public and private property ownership, including parcel mapping and writing of legal descriptions in Mississippi. It is also used extensively for public administration applications by the state, counties, and local school systems. Referencing Systems are precisely defined ground control points or map boundaries that assist in the accurate location of ground features or the particular area defined by a map.

This data is included in the standard county data release; however, data in that section may be legacy and may not necessarily be updated with the latest version.
This data is included in the MS 811 county packets; however, the data in those packets represents their version of that information.
16th Section Lands
7.5 Minute Quad Grid
Building Footprints
MS US National Grid
National Geodetic Survey Benchmarks
Sections (MS_CADNSDI_V2_Baseline)
Sub-Sections (MS_CADNSDI_V2_Baseline)
Survey Districts (MS_CADNSDI_V2_Baseline)
Townships (MS_CADNSDI_V2_Baseline)