Mississippi 811, Inc. / MARIS
Data Distribution Agreement

Who is Mississippi 811, Inc.?

Mississippi 811, Inc. (MS811) is the statewide "call before you dig" center, which establishes a statewide communications link between those who dig underground and those who own and operate underground facilities in Mississippi. Our purpose is to eliminate damages and reduce the chance of injury or death, destruction of public and private property and loss or interruption of services vital to public health and safety. MS811 is a not-for-profit organization funded by member facility/utility owner operators engaged in the communications, Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution, Electric Power, Products/Pipeline, Municipal Gas/Water/Sewer, cable TV, and other industries.

MS811 website

Available Layers:
  • Addresses - Address points centered over structures (counties that MS811 has collected and verified as part of the Addressing Project Initiative: Unincorporated areas ONLY
  • Building Footprints - Building footprint polygons for Mississippi structures (2018 MDEQ)
  • Places - City limits boundaries
  • Highways - County and city highway centerlines
  • Points of Interest (POI) - Points and Polygons
    • Institutions - Churches, Fire Departments, Post Offices, etc...
    • Poi_Polygon - Airports, Parks, Cemeteries, etc...
  • Railroads - Railroad centerlines (2018 MARIS)
  • Recreation Trails - Recreational trail centerlines
  • Streets - County roads and city street centerlines
  • Water - NHD Flowlines (2019 MDEQ) and NHD water bodies (2019 MDEQ)
Data Accuracy:

All layers have been collected using a combination of 1-meter or less aerial imagery or 1 to 5 meter GPS units.

Data Format:

The data will be available for the entire state of Mississippi by county in ESRI shapefile format in WGS84 Lat/Long projection. Metadata is contained within the attribute table for each layer. It is MS811's goal to update each county at least once yearly. However, there will be times when this will not be possible. Updates will be sent to MARIS as they are completed.
All layers for each county will be zipped with the naming schema <county> Last_Updated.zip along with a disclaimer and MS811 logo to be used on hard-copy maps.


Data will be available to organizations that will be using the data in-house without intent to distribute or sell. Data distribution will be based on a signed agreement. Requests for the data will be submitted to MARIS.

To order Mississippi 811 data:
  1. Download the Distribution Agreement .PDF Download
  2. Fill out the form and sign
  3. Email or Fax to MARIS at swalker@mississippi.edu or (601) 432-6893
  4. MARIS will send FTP instructions
County Updates: (latest update Sep 2019):

Data will be available to organizations that will be using the data in house without intent to distribute or sell. Data distribution will be based on a signed agreement. Requests for the data will be submitted to MARIS.

Adams Feb 2018 Alcorn Jan 2019 AmiteApr 2018 AttalaApr 2019 BentonJan 2018
BolivarAug 2019 CalhounJul 2015 CarrollApr 2017 ChickasawDec 2017 ChoctawApr 2019
ClaiborneJan 2016 ClarkeApr 2019 ClaySep 2018 CoahomaJul 2017 CopiahDec 2018
CovingtonFeb 2018 DeSotoOct 2018 ForrestMay 2019 FranklinAug 2018 GeorgeAug 2018
GreeneApr 2017 GrenadaApr 2019 HancockMay 2019 HarrisonMay 2019 HindsAug 2019
HolmesAug 2019 HumphreysJul 2018 IssaquenaJan 2018 ItawambaDec 2018 JacksonMar 2019
JasperOct 2018 JeffersonFeb 2017 Jefferson DavisFeb 2018 JonesDec 2018 KemperOct 2016
LafayetteNov 2018 LamarJun 2019 LauderdaleJul 2018 LawrenceNov 2017 LeakeOct 2018
LeeAug 2019 LefloreAug 2019 LincolnApr 2019 LowndesAug 2019 MadisonAug 2019
MarionFeb 2018 MarshallJan 2018 MonroeAug 2019 MontgomeryMay 2018 NeshobaFeb 2018
NewtonFeb 2019 NoxubeeSep 2018 OktibbehaNov 2018 PanolaAug 2019 Pearl RiverApr 2019
PerryMar 2017 PikeSep 2018 PontotocAug 2018 PrentissAug 2019 QuitmanAug 2019
RankinAug 2019 ScottApr 2019 SharkeyAug 2018 SimpsonFeb 2018 SmithFeb 2017
StoneAug 2019 SunflowerAug 2019 TallahatchieDec 2018 TateJun 2018 TippahMar 2019
TishomingoFeb 2018 TunicaJan 2016 UnionAug 2019 WalthallApr 2018 WarrenJan 2019
WashingtonAug 2019 WayneApr 2019 WebsterSep 2018 WilkinsonJul 2017 WinstonJun 2019
YalobushaFeb 2016 YazooAug 2019