1990 Census Designated Places

County Borders

  • MSTM Shapefile: MS_Counties_2015.zip
  • Current Data: 2015
  • Current Metadata: 2019

The data were created in support of the MARIS Technical Center (MTC) framework data development effort. This data has been updated several times to increase accuracy and reliability of data. The 2015 updates represent federal delineations of the MS Gulf Coast boundary.

Original GIS polygon dataset derived from the 1990 Census Bureau's TIGER files. The original scale of the data is 1:100,000 and covers the entire state of Mississippi. Using coding from the TIGER files, this dataset includes only county boundaries.

  • Data was updated in April 2007 using 1:24,000 USGS Digital Raster Graphics.
  • Additional edits were made in October 2010 from input from Lamar County E911 Coordinator Freda Rocker.
  • Gulf Coastal Boundary was updated in May 2015 by MARIS staff using the guidance of MDEQ Office of Geology's Mississippi/Louisiana border based using 1906 Supreme Court decision, MDEQ’s Offshore Mineral Lease map, and the US Bureau of Ocean Energy, Mapping and Boundary Branch's Submerged Lands Act 2011 Boundary.

2015 Metadata PDF Download