1990 Census Designated Places

Mental Health Regions

  • MSTM Shapefile: mhr.zip
  • Current Data: 1998
  • Current Metadata: 2019

Boundaries of Comprehensive Community Mental Health/ Mental Retardation Regions of Mississippi 1998:
The Community Mental Health Center Act, signed into law by President Kennedy, was intended to provide services for those people who had serious mental illnesses in their own communities in the least restrictive environments possible, rather than in state mental institutions. It was during this time that Mississippi was divided into regions which we re originally not to have more than 200,000 individuals or less than 75,000. The Department of Mental Health also attempted to organize the regions based on natural areas where people went for commerce. The community mental health centers were to be governed locally. The state has been divided into several configurations, with the latest change made in April of 1992.

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