1990 Census Designated Places

2010 TIGER Roads with Address Ranges

  • MSTM Shapefile: Tig_rds_w_addr10.zip
  • Current Data: 2010
  • Current Metadata: 2010

Statewide TIGER Roads file with Address Ranges extracted from the US Census Bureau December 2010 release TIGER edges line files. MARIS extracted roads using the US Census Bureau's ROADFLG variable = 'Y' as directed n the documentation. This file contains the attributes - LFROMADD, LTOADD, RFROMADD, and RTOADD used in most geocoding programs. It also includes FULLNAME which is the name of the road. After extraction of the roads, MARIS deleted the following unnecessary attributes: HYDROFLG, RAILFLG, ROADFLG, OLFFLG, PASSFLG. This decreased the file size considerably.

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