<HTML> <HEAD> <SCRIPT><!-- function fix(e) { var par = e.parentNode; e.id = ""; e.style.marginLeft = "0.42in"; var pos = e.innerText.indexOf("\n"); if (pos > 0) { while (pos > 0) { var t = e.childNodes(0); var n = document.createElement("PRE"); var s = t.splitText(pos); e.insertAdjacentElement("afterEnd", n); n.appendChild(s); n.style.marginLeft = "0.42in"; e = n; pos = e.innerText.indexOf("\n"); } var count = (par.children.length); for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) { e = par.children(i); if (e.tagName == "PRE") { pos = e.innerText.indexOf(">"); if (pos != 0) { n = document.createElement("DD"); e.insertAdjacentElement("afterEnd", n); n.innerText = e.innerText; e.removeNode(true); } } } if (par.children.tags("PRE").length > 0) { count = (par.children.length); for (i = 0; i < count; i++) { e = par.children(i); if (e.tagName == "PRE") { e.id = ""; if (i < (count-1)) { var e2 = par.children(i + 1); if (e2.tagName == "PRE") { e.insertAdjacentText("beforeEnd", e2.innerText+"\n"); e2.removeNode(true); count = count-1; i = i-1; } } } } } } else { n = document.createElement("DD"); par.appendChild(n); n.innerText = e.innerText; e.removeNode(true); } } --></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY oncontextmenu="return true"> <A name="Top" /> <H1>Adams07CIR.sid</H1> <H2>Metadata:</H2> <UL> <LI><A HREF="#Identification_Information">Identification_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Data_Quality_Information">Data_Quality_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Spatial_Data_Organization_Information">Spatial_Data_Organization_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Spatial_Reference_Information">Spatial_Reference_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Entity_and_Attribute_Information">Entity_and_Attribute_Information</A></LI> <LI> <A HREF="#206988064"> Distribution_Information </A> </LI> <LI><A HREF="#Metadata_Reference_Information">Metadata_Reference_Information</A></LI> </UL> <A name="Identification_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Identification_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> Photo Science, Inc.</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 20071220</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>Adams07CIR.sid</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> raster digital data</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Publication_Place:</I> Lexington, KY</DT> <DT><I>Publisher:</I> Photo Science, Inc.</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="G:\NAIP07_CIR\CIR07_Sids\Adams07CIR.sid"> G:\NAIP07_CIR\CIR07_Sids\Adams07CIR.sid</A> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Description:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Abstract:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The U.S. Department of Agriculture - Farm Services Agency (USDA-FSA) NAIP program is designed to acquire natural color digital ortho imagery during the agricultural growing seasons in the continental U.S. Under contract from the Mississippi Forestry Commission, the Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory, and the Mississippi Army National Guard; Photo Science simultaneously acquired, in addition to the natural color 2007 NAIP, the near infrared spectral band and produced quarter quads of false-color infrared imagery. This imagery is referenced the same as the 2007 NAIP. This CIR product provides 1 meter ground sample distance (GSD) ortho imagery rectified to a horizontal accuracy of within +/- 5 meters of reference digital ortho quarter quads (DOQQ's) from the National Digital Ortho Program (NDOP). The tiling format of this imagery is based on a 3.75' x 3.75' quarter quadrangle with a 300 meter buffer on all four sides. CIR quarter quads are formatted to the UTM coordinate system using NAD83 Zones 15 and 16. This imagery may contain as much as 10% cloud cover per tile. This file was generated by compressing NAIP quarter quadrangle tiles that cover a county. MrSID compression, with mosaic option, was used. Target values for the compression ratio are (15:1) and maximum number of compression levels are used.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Purpose:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">NAIP imagery is available for distribution within 60 days of the end of a flying season and is intended to provide current information of agricultural conditions in support of USDA farm programs. For USDA Farm Service Agency, the 1 meter GSD product provides an ortho image base for Common Land Unit boundaries and other data sets. The 1 meter NAIP imagery is generally acquired in projects covering full states in cooperation with state government and other federal agencies who use the imagery for a variety of purposes including land use planning and natural resource assessment. With an annual cycle, NAIP is also used for disaster response often providing the most current pre-event imagery. While suitable for a variety of uses the 2 meter GSD NAIP imagery is primarily intended to assess crop condition and compliance to USDA farm program conditions. The 2 meter imagery is generally acquired only for agricultural areas within state projects.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 20070918</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Majority years of Photography Dates.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Status:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Progress:</I> Complete</DT> <DT><I>Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency:</I> Irregular</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Spatial_Domain:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Bounding_Coordinates:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>West_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> -91.692421</DT> <DT><I>East_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> -91.111792</DT> <DT><I>North_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> 31.819593</DT> <DT><I>South_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> 31.177813</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Keywords:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Theme:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus:</I> None</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> farming</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Digital Ortho rectified Image</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Mosaic</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Quarter Quadrangle Centered</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Ortho Rectification</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Compression</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> MrSID</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> NAIP</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Compliance</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Aerial Compliance</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Place:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Place_Keyword_Thesaurus:</I> Geographic Names Information System</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> ADAMS CO.</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> FIPS 28001</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> Adams</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> Mississippi</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Access_Constraints:</I> None</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Use_Constraints:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Users should be aware that this is an interim release. The interim compressed county mosaic may contain defects and have horizontal accuracy less than the specified tolerances. Imagery may be replaced to address defects found in a small number of products through quality assurance processes. Imagery containing defects that require the acquisition of new imagery, such as excessive cloud cover, specular reflectance, etc., will not be replaced within a NAIP project year.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Point_of_Contact:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> Photo Science, Inc.</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">2670 Wilhite Drive</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> Lexington</DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> Kentucky</DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> 40503</DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> USA</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Browse_Graphic:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Browse_Graphic_File_Name:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="None"> None</A> </DT> <DT><I>Browse_Graphic_File_Description:</I></DT> <DD>None</DD> <DT><I>Browse_Graphic_File_Type:</I> None</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Native_Data_Set_Environment:</I></DT> <DD>Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2; ESRI ArcCatalog</DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Data_Quality_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Data_Quality_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Logical_Consistency_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">NAIP 3.75 minute tile file names are based on the USGS quadrangle naming convention.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Completeness_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">None</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Positional_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">FSA Digital Orthophoto Specs.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Vertical_Positional_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Vertical_Positional_Accuracy_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">N/A 2d only</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Lineage:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> Aerial Photography Field Office</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 20071220</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>ADAMS CO, MS</DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 40000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> CD</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 20070918</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>Majority Aerial Photography Date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>MrSID compressed image</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Mosaicked County Image</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Process_Step:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Process_Description:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">This Compressed County Mosaic was generated using MrSID Generation Three (MG3) software using the maximum N-level setting and a target compression ratio of 15:1. All photography was acquired using digital mapping cameras and accompanied by the collection of airborne Global Positioning System (GPS) data. Photography was collected using an Intergraph DMC. image scanners at a resolution of approximately 20 micrometers per pixel. All imagery was collected using Inertial measurement units (IMU) as a means to control the imagery. Orthorectification was performed with custom software and the USGS National Elevation Dataset was used for the elevation model. Digital orthophotos were radiometrically balanced in Intergraph's OrthoPro software. Custom software automatically generated the MrSID project parameter file to control the insertion of the digital orthophotos in the final mosaic. The ordering scheme of the digital orthophotos is based on a last-in-last-on-top scheme.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Process_Date:</I> 20071220</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Process_Step:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Process_Description:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Metadata imported.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>C:\DOCUME~1\swalker\LOCALS~1\Temp\xml203.tmp</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Process_Step:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Process_Description:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Metadata imported.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\xml9B.tmp</DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Spatial_Data_Organization_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Spatial_Data_Organization_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Indirect_Spatial_Reference_Method:</I></DT> <DD>ADAMS CO, Mississippi ortho_1-1_1n_s_ms001_2007_1</DD> <DT><I>Direct_Spatial_Reference_Method:</I> Raster</DT> <DT><I>Raster_Object_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Raster_Object_Type:</I> Pixel</DT> <DT><I>Row_Count:</I> 70371</DT> <DT><I>Column_Count:</I> 54135</DT> <DT><I>Vertical_Count:</I> 1</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Spatial_Reference_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Spatial_Reference_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Coordinate_System_Definition:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Planar:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Grid_Coordinate_System:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Grid_Coordinate_System_Name:</I> Universal Transverse Mercator</DT> <DT><I>Universal_Transverse_Mercator:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>UTM_Zone_Number:</I> 15</DT> <DT><I>Transverse_Mercator:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Scale_Factor_at_Central_Meridian:</I> 0.999600</DT> <DT><I>Longitude_of_Central_Meridian:</I> -93.000000</DT> <DT><I>Latitude_of_Projection_Origin:</I> 0.000000</DT> <DT><I>False_Easting:</I> 500000.000000</DT> <DT><I>False_Northing:</I> 0.000000</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Planar_Coordinate_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Planar_Coordinate_Encoding_Method:</I> row and column</DT> <DT><I>Coordinate_Representation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Abscissa_Resolution:</I> 1.000000</DT> <DT><I>Ordinate_Resolution:</I> 1.000000</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Planar_Distance_Units:</I> meters</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Geodetic_Model:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Datum_Name:</I> North American Datum of 1983</DT> <DT><I>Ellipsoid_Name:</I> Geodetic Reference System 80</DT> <DT><I>Semi-major_Axis:</I> 6378137.000000</DT> <DT><I>Denominator_of_Flattening_Ratio:</I> 298.257222</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Entity_and_Attribute_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Entity_and_Attribute_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Overview_Description:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Entity_and_Attribute_Overview:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">24-bit pixels, 3 band (CIR) represent brightness values 0 - 255</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Entity_and_Attribute_Detail_Citation:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">None</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A NAME="206988064"> <HR /> </A> <DL> <DT><I>Distribution_Information:</I> </DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Distributor:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Person_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Person:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original"></PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> </DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Resource_Description:</I> Mosaicked County Image</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Distribution_Liability:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">In no event shall the creators, custodians, or distributors of this information be liable for any damages arising out of its use (or the inability to use it).</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Standard_Order_Process:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Digital_Form:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Digital_Transfer_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Format_Name:</I> Compressed County Mosaic</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Format_Information_Content:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">False Color Infra Red</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Digital_Transfer_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Online_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Computer_Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Network_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Network_Resource_Name:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="None"> None</A> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Offline_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Offline_Media:</I> CD-ROM</DT> <DT><I>Recording_Format:</I> ISO 9660</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Fees:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Metadata_Reference_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Metadata_Reference_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Metadata_Date:</I> 20080505</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Contact:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Contact_Person:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original"></PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> </DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> </DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Metadata_Standard_Name:</I> FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Standard_Version:</I> FGDC-STD-001-1998</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Time_Convention:</I> local time</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Extensions:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html"> http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html</A> </DT> <DT><I>Profile_Name:</I> ESRI Metadata Profile</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> </BODY> </HTML>