<HTML> <HEAD> <SCRIPT><!-- function fix(e) { var par = e.parentNode; e.id = ""; e.style.marginLeft = "0.42in"; var pos = e.innerText.indexOf("\n"); if (pos > 0) { while (pos > 0) { var t = e.childNodes(0); var n = document.createElement("PRE"); var s = t.splitText(pos); e.insertAdjacentElement("afterEnd", n); n.appendChild(s); n.style.marginLeft = "0.42in"; e = n; pos = e.innerText.indexOf("\n"); } var count = (par.children.length); for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) { e = par.children(i); if (e.tagName == "PRE") { pos = e.innerText.indexOf(">"); if (pos != 0) { n = document.createElement("DD"); e.insertAdjacentElement("afterEnd", n); n.innerText = e.innerText; e.removeNode(true); } } } if (par.children.tags("PRE").length > 0) { count = (par.children.length); for (i = 0; i < count; i++) { e = par.children(i); if (e.tagName == "PRE") { e.id = ""; if (i < (count-1)) { var e2 = par.children(i + 1); if (e2.tagName == "PRE") { e.insertAdjacentText("beforeEnd", e2.innerText+"\n"); e2.removeNode(true); count = count-1; i = i-1; } } } } } } else { n = document.createElement("DD"); par.appendChild(n); n.innerText = e.innerText; e.removeNode(true); } } --></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY oncontextmenu="return true"> <A name="Top" /> <H1>Elevation GRID (10 Meter) for Webster County, Mississippi - 2007</H1> <H2>Metadata:</H2> <UL> <LI><A HREF="#Identification_Information">Identification_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Data_Quality_Information">Data_Quality_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Spatial_Data_Organization_Information">Spatial_Data_Organization_Information</A></LI> <LI><A HREF="#Spatial_Reference_Information">Spatial_Reference_Information</A></LI> <LI> <A HREF="#208079648"> Distribution_Information </A> </LI> <LI><A HREF="#Metadata_Reference_Information">Metadata_Reference_Information</A></LI> </UL> <A name="Identification_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Identification_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS)</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2007</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>Elevation GRID (10 Meter) for Webster County, Mississippi - 2007</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> raster digital data</DT> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http:\\www/maris.state.ms.us/DownloadData/Contours.html"> http:\\www/maris.state.ms.us/DownloadData/Contours.html</A> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Description:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Abstract:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Mississippi 10 meter GRID generated from 1:24,000 USGS topographic contours. This data was hydrologically reinforced using the National Hydrography Dataset's streams and polygonal water bodies.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Purpose:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Provide 3-D elevation data grids at 10 meter resolution by county</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Supplemental_Information:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">This information is the same for all counties in the state. Therefore, only the bounding coordinates are not specific to individual tiles of the elevation dataset. Spatial cells are in meters and the elevation is in feest msl.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Range_of_Dates/Times:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Beginning_Date:</I> 1964</DT> <DT><I>Ending_Date:</I> 1996</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">publication date</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Status:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Progress:</I> Complete</DT> <DT><I>Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency:</I> As needed</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Spatial_Domain:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Bounding_Coordinates:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>West_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> -89.512234</DT> <DT><I>East_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> -89.012675</DT> <DT><I>North_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> 33.745058</DT> <DT><I>South_Bounding_Coordinate:</I> 33.454284</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Keywords:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Theme:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus:</I> none</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Digital Elevation Model</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> GRID</DT> <DT><I>Theme_Keyword:</I> Elevation</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Place:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Place_Keyword_Thesaurus:</I> none</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> Mississippi</DT> <DT><I>Place_Keyword:</I> USA</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Access_Constraints:</I> none</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Use_Constraints:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">None. Data users are encouraged to read this metadata record to comprehend and utilize the described data set. MARIS should be recognized as a source data provider on all data derived from this data set. The data are not survey products and not intended for legal use. * DEM product is inherently less accurate than the original 1:24,000 USGS quad maps</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Point_of_Contact:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS)</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Person:</I> Steve Walker</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Position:</I> GIS Operations Manager</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">3825 Ridgewood Road</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> Jackson</DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> MS</DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> 39211-6453</DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> USA</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> (601) 432-6149</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:</I> (601) 432-6893</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address:</I> swalker@ihl.state.ms.us</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Native_Data_Set_Environment:</I></DT> <DD>Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2; ESRI ArcCatalog</DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Data_Quality_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Data_Quality_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Attribute_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Attribute_Accuracy_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Attribute values were validated via cross-checks with exisiting data resources including photographs, maps, imagery, and scientific reports.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Logical_Consistency_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">All line work is checked for topological integrity, no duplicate lines or points exists, line segments are composed of sequentially numbered coordinate pairs, intersecting lines are separated by a node, and no dangling lines exist. Topological checks and strucuturing are performed using the ArcInfo software. Data dictionary specification are automatically implemented via the ESRI Info database management software. Data collected from external data providers are randomly verified.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> <DT><I>Completeness_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The data are complete with respect to the data publication date and scale of the original source material.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Positional_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy_Report:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Feature locations were were validated via cross-checks with exisiting data resources including photographs, maps, imagery, and scientific reports.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Lineage:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Geological Survey</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 1996</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>Elevation Contour Mylar Separates/ Hypsography</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> map</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> stable-base material</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Range_of_Dates/Times:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Beginning_Date:</I> 1964</DT> <DT><I>Ending_Date:</I> 1996</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>Elevation Contours/Hypsography</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Primary Source of data</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Geological Survey</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2002</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>Digital Raster Graphics</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> raster digital data</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> CD-ROM</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Range_of_Dates/Times:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Beginning_Date:</I> 1996</DT> <DT><I>Ending_Date:</I> 2002</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>DRGs</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Digital source to verify elevation values in feet msl from the topographic maps</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Geological Survey and EPA</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2007</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>National Hydrography Dataset</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> vector digital data</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> online</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 2007</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>NHD</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Hydrography dataset was used in generation of the digital elevation model as input of the stream linework and polygonal water bodies</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> MARIS</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2006</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>County Border</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> vector digital data</DT> <DT><I>Other_Citation_Details:</I></DT> <DD>This data was generated by moving 1990 TIGER files to match the 1:24,000 DRG borders.</DD> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.maris.state.ms.us"> http://www.maris.state.ms.us</A> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> online</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 2007</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>County Border</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Used in clipping the digital elevation model</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Geological Survey</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2001</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>NED DEM</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> raster digital data</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> online</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 2001</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>National Elevation Dataset 30 meter Digital Elevation Model</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Used to compare the elevation values of the new 10 meter DEMs</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Department of Agriculture</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 2006</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>National Agricultural Inventory Program - 2006</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> remote-sensing image</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> CD-ROM</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Single_Date/Time:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Calendar_Date:</I> 2006</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>NAIP</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The 2006 NAIP data was used in some situations where the NHD dataset did not match the contour linework. The aerial photography was used to help edit the contour linework and NHD linework to more closely match the actual hydrography on the ground</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Source_Citation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Citation_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Originator:</I> U.S. Geological Survey</DT> <DT><I>Publication_Date:</I> 1996</DT> <DT><I>Title:</I></DT> <DD>Topographic Maps</DD> <DT><I>Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form:</I> map</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Scale_Denominator:</I> 24000</DT> <DT><I>Type_of_Source_Media:</I> paper</DT> <DT><I>Source_Time_Period_of_Content:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Time_Period_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Range_of_Dates/Times:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Beginning_Date:</I> 1964</DT> <DT><I>Ending_Date:</I> 1996</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Currentness_Reference:</I></DT> <DD>publication date</DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Source_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>1:24,000 Topographic Maps</DD> <DIV> <DT><I>Source_Contribution:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">Used in original coding of elevations.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Process_Step:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Process_Description:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The 1:24,000 contour mylar separates were scanned at 1000 dpi. They were brought into Hitachi's Cad/Core software to vectorize. The .tic and .lin files generated from Cad/Core were brought into a blank UTM coverage for transformation. The file was then projected into the MSTM projection. The lines were then cleaned and dangles corrected. The lines were then coded for elevation, contour type, and depression/hilltop using the separates and the paper 1:24,000 topographic maps. The quads that make up a county were then appended and clipped using a one mile buffer of the county border. The Arc/Info TOPOGRID command was used to generate the 10 meter GRID based on the Elevation variable (in feet). The GRID was brought into ERDAS Imagine to check for anomolies and data coding errors. Once several checks were made and verification of a smoothed GRID, the GRID was clipped on the county border.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>Elevation Contours/ Hypsography</DD> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>Topo Maps</DD> <DT><I>Process_Date:</I> 2004</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Process_Step:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DIV> <DT><I>Process_Description:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The exisiting 1:24,000 contour quadrangle vector coverages were converted into vector shapefiles. The contours for a county were appended. A 400 meter county border buffer was created. The contours for a county were clipped on this 400 meter buffer to ensure a smoothe model at the border. Using the 3-D Anayst Topo-to-Raster command, a 10 meter digital elevation model (DEM) was generated. The resulting DEM was inspected for anomolies using a visual inspection in ArcMap of the grey-scaled image. Breaks in the contour lines between the quadrangles were edgematched. Any elevation value discrepencies were also fixed and/or addressed at these areas. A new DEM was generated and clipped on the county border (with a 10 meter buffer to ensure a smooth mosaic with surrounding counties). The resulting DEM was compared with the established USGS National Elevation Dataset (NHD) 30 Meter DEM. Using the Spatial Analyst MINUS command, a difference GRID was generated. This was used to find extreme elevation differences between the 30 meter DEM and the new 10 meter DEM. Errors in elevation were verified using the DRGs, changes made, and a new DEM generated. Using the 3-D Analyst HillShade command, a 3-D surface was generated. Overlaying the NHD linework and polygons, visual inspection was made by MARIS staff to check for spikes, dips, and other discrepencies in the model. Potential errors in the elevations were then verified or discounted using the DRGs as a background layer. There were instances where the NHD was editied to more correctly match the 2006 NAIP aerial photography. This was in situations where the NHD dataset conflicted with both the contour linework and the imagery in a severe manner. Once this process was complete, a new 10 meter DEM was generated using the contour file, NHD stream and polygonal water bodies, and 1:24,000 county border file as input into the 3-D Analyst Topo-to-Raster command. Both the DEM and the contour vector file were sent to USGS/NGTOC III for inspection. Their staff performed a QA review of the data for completeness and accuracy in topographic characterization. In addition, a statistical sampling of vertical accuracy was performed by USGS/NGTOC III to ensure the vertical accuracy was met. Any deficiences/errors noted in a given county data set was returned to MARIS via x,y coordinates and a description of each error. These changes to the contour shapefile were made by MARIS staff and a new DEM generated. This procedure continued until inspection of the DEM resulted in few errors in elevation values in a county. At that point, those changes were made and the final 10 meter DEM was generated. The data was then readied for publication on the MARIS web site as well as distributed to the USGS for possible inclusion in the NED system</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>NHD</DD> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>DRGs</DD> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>NED DEM</DD> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>County Border</DD> <DT><I>Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation:</I></DT> <DD>NAIP</DD> <DT><I>Process_Date:</I> 2007</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Spatial_Data_Organization_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Spatial_Data_Organization_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Indirect_Spatial_Reference_Method:</I></DT> <DD>FIPS = 28 (Mississippi)</DD> <DT><I>Direct_Spatial_Reference_Method:</I> Raster</DT> <DT><I>Raster_Object_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Raster_Object_Type:</I> Grid Cell</DT> <DT><I>Row_Count:</I> 3203</DT> <DT><I>Column_Count:</I> 4621</DT> <DT><I>Vertical_Count:</I> 1</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Spatial_Reference_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Spatial_Reference_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Coordinate_System_Definition:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Planar:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Map_Projection:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Map_Projection_Name:</I> Transverse Mercator</DT> <DT><I>Transverse_Mercator:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Scale_Factor_at_Central_Meridian:</I> 0.999834</DT> <DT><I>Longitude_of_Central_Meridian:</I> -89.750000</DT> <DT><I>Latitude_of_Projection_Origin:</I> 32.500000</DT> <DT><I>False_Easting:</I> 500000.000000</DT> <DT><I>False_Northing:</I> 1300000.000000</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Planar_Coordinate_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Planar_Coordinate_Encoding_Method:</I> row and column</DT> <DT><I>Coordinate_Representation:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Abscissa_Resolution:</I> 10.000000</DT> <DT><I>Ordinate_Resolution:</I> 10.000000</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Planar_Distance_Units:</I> meters</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Geodetic_Model:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Horizontal_Datum_Name:</I> North American Datum of 1983</DT> <DT><I>Ellipsoid_Name:</I> Geodetic Reference System 80</DT> <DT><I>Semi-major_Axis:</I> 6378137.000000</DT> <DT><I>Denominator_of_Flattening_Ratio:</I> 298.257222</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A NAME="208079648"> <HR /> </A> <DL> <DT><I>Distribution_Information:</I> </DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Distributor:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Person_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Person:</I> Steve Walker</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS)</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Position:</I> GIS Operations Manager</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">3825 Ridgewood Road</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> Jackson</DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> MS</DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> 39211-6453</DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> USA</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> 601.432.6149</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:</I> 601.432.6893</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address:</I> swalker@ihl.state.ms.us</DT> <DT><I>Hours_of_Service:</I> 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Resource_Description:</I> Countywide Elevation grid for Mississippi</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Distribution_Liability:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">The information contained in this catalog and data distributed by the Board of Trustees / Institutions of Higher Learning's MARIS Technical Center (MTC) is derived from a variety of public and private sector sources considered  to be dependable, but the accuracy, completeness, and currency thereof are not guaranteed. The IHL/MTC makes no warranties, expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of information or data contained in or generated from the state geographic database. Additionally, the State of Mississippi, the Board of  Trustees for IHL or any employee thereof assume no liability associated with the use of these data.</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>Standard_Order_Process:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Digital_Form:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Digital_Transfer_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Format_Name:</I> ARCE (ArcInfo export ), ArcGIS (shapefile)</DT> <DT><I>File_Decompression_Technique:</I> TAR, WinZip</DT> <DT><I>Transfer_Size:</I> 56.658</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Digital_Transfer_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Online_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Computer_Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Network_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Network_Resource_Name:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.maris.state.ms.us/Data_Warehouse/Download_Data/download_data.html"> http://www.maris.state.ms.us/Data_Warehouse/Download_Data/download_data.html</A> </DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Offline_Option:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Offline_Media:</I> CD-ROM</DT> <DT><I>Recording_Format:</I> CD Write</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Fees:</I> Direct downloads and CDs of standard MARIS products are available free of charge</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> <A name="Metadata_Reference_Information"><HR /></A> <DL> <DT><I>Metadata_Reference_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Metadata_Date:</I> 20070924</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Contact:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Information:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization_Primary:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Contact_Organization:</I> Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS)</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Person:</I> Steve Walker</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Position:</I> GIS Operations Manager</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Address:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Address_Type:</I> mailing and physical address</DT> <DIV> <DT><I>Address:</I></DT> <PRE ID="original">3825 Ridgewood Road</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DT><I>City:</I> Jackson</DT> <DT><I>State_or_Province:</I> MS</DT> <DT><I>Postal_Code:</I> 39211-6453</DT> <DT><I>Country:</I> USA</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Contact_Voice_Telephone:</I> (601) 432-6149</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:</I> (601) 432-6893</DT> <DT><I>Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address:</I> swalker@ihl.state.ms.us</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Metadata_Standard_Name:</I> FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Standard_Version:</I> FGDC-STD-001-1998</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Time_Convention:</I> local time</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Access_Constraints:</I> none</DT> <DT><I>Metadata_Use_Constraints:</I></DT> <DD>none</DD> <DT><I>Metadata_Extensions:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html"> http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html</A> </DT> <DT><I>Profile_Name:</I> ESRI Metadata Profile</DT> </DL> </DD> <DT><I>Metadata_Extensions:</I></DT> <DD> <DL> <DT><I>Online_Linkage:</I> <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html"> http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html</A> </DT> <DT><I>Profile_Name:</I> ESRI Metadata Profile</DT> </DL> </DD> </DL> </DD> </DL> <A HREF="#Top">Back to Top</A> </BODY> </HTML>